Monday, November 9, 2009

So here's another fun Project I did in photoshop...

I am fairly confident in my Photoshop skills now, that I think it is time to take it a step further. Instead of random cool images I now plan on composing some conceptual ideas i.e using a phrase like "a million tears" and making an illustration out of it.
For all those that are curious as to what kind of treatment I did to these photos... well, to get it looking awesome like this I had to implore a few new techniques. The rider had a very harsh lighting so I had to make the ant match, I simply grabbed my Wacom tablet and went to town with 3 px hard brush with pressure sensitivity and the opacity set to about 10%. then after a few tweaks with the tranform tool and adding a shadow for the rider I added my new favorite adjustment layer... The Gradient Map. I like it because it is refreshing to me. it adds more colors than the average "real" colors and makes the image come together as a whole. Plus it hides a lot of color matching problems saving you loads of time.

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  1. That is brilliant, I didn't see anything really glarant to critique, but I do like the color harmony of the piece.